Lucky #13 Donuts: A Bright Spot in a Bleak World.

Perhaps I am indulging in a bit of hyperbole here. However, I don't know about you, but the past five months are not going to go down in my history as a personal best. And I know I don't even have it that rough. I am fortunate to not be dealing directly with COVID-19; I am not going out of my mind trying to keep kids occupied; worried about the upcoming school year/daycare; deciding whether or not to send my kids to college; missing loved ones in strict quarantine; the list goes on and on. But still, all of us, on many different levels, are dealing with disappointment, cancelled trips and plans, uncertainty, and a bit of anxiety. Oh yeah, and the Bay is rotten again.

Several months ago, I started hearing about a lady who was making and selling donuts in the Cape. If you know me at all, you know that donuts are one of my weaknesses. I've been really good about watching my carbs and have somehow, miraculously, avoided the dreaded "COVID 15." But, if I am going to fall off the no-carb wagon, donuts are one of my sins of choice. I literally had not had a donut in 6 months. But, I was not about to destroy that record for a run-of-the-mill Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme. Nope, in my quest to discover and promote local cottage industry, I decided that trying Lucky 13 Donuts would be not just an indulgence, but a noble cause. (Again, the hyperbole. Work with me.)

Lucky #13 Donuts was started through "pure laziness" on the part of Lori Echols. According to Lori, it was a rainy day last winter and she didn't feel like going out to get donuts for her kids. Since she has a background in baking, she decided to whip some up herself. And a new cottage industry was born. For those of you wondering what exactly a "cottage" industry is (I was, so I looked it up):

​ "A cottage food product is a non-potentially hazardous food that is sold in Maryland directly to a consumer from a residence, at a farmers market, at a public event, by personal delivery, or by mail delivery; or directly to a retail food store.​ " (MD Health Dept.) There are regulations about what types of foods can and cannot be produced by a cottage industry...and baked goods are a YES!

Here's how it works. You go to the Facebook page, where you see what types of flavors are available for the week.

Did someone say MAPLE BACON???

The options and flavors are so varied and out of the box; and gluten-free are available on Fridays (more on that in a minute.) The ordering link opens on Mondays and pickups are Friday and Saturday. You can Venmo, or pay at pickup. You can also PM with questions, and Lori is super responsive.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the Lemon-Blueberry GF donuts. I was supposed to pick up on Friday; I ended up having a crazy day with a series of mishaps and I was unable to pick up my donuts. I messaged Lori and she refrigerated them until Saturday morning when I was able to get them. When I drove up to the house, I saw the chalkboard sign. An adorable 9-year old (Baylor) came out and informed me that he was the "customer service rep", and asked me my name. Moments later, he came out with my donuts.

I broke into the box as I drove away. OH MY GOD. So delicious. Lemon-Blueberry, with glaze and fresh blueberries on top. And gluten-free. I don't have to eat GF but I feel better when I do. But, had I not known these were GF, I never would have known. I ate a second one, then forced myself to stop. Gave the rest to a friend because I literally would have eaten all six of them that day.

Pie Flavors!

I will definitely be ordering again, and I am sure the "regular" ones are just as delicious...this week's flavors are all "pie" flavors....Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon, Chocolate Cream, and Pecan. I won't even go into my love of pies. Oh, and speaking of pies, Lori may be offering pot pies in the near future; which is something I am definitely looking forward to. The takeaway? In a world of sorrow, I have found a few sources of joy: helping my community, supporting local business, and donuts. Definitely donuts.

Delivering to County Police Department!