Cape St. Claire Garden Club Hosts Successful"Virtual" Plant Sale

The plants, organized alphabetically for pickup. It was fast and easy!

Like so many, being at home has spurred me to do more gardening. I love to garden, but some years I just don't have the time to do more than maintain my perennials. This year, I was able to get some veggies and perennials from the Cape St. Claire Garden Club annual plant sale. This has been a tradition the Saturday after Mother's Day for many years. However, this year instead of gathering at the field in Cape to browse and chat about all things gardening, the sale had to be adapted to ensure safety. According to one member,

"Due to the persistence and talent of long-time member and all-around Garden Club cheerleader, Audrey Lengbeyer, our annual Plant Sale went virtual!  Audrey created and managed our online pre-ordering site and graciously sacrificed her driveway and front yard while plants were stashed, delivered, sorted, and boxed by a fabulous crew of enthusiastic Club Members.  Boxes of beautiful plants were then picked up curbside by their purchasers.  We had our usual collection of native and Cape-grown perennials, colorful annuals, herbs, tomatoes, and vegetables. All was done in a socially appropriate way with drive-by pickup.  We hope the sale was successful for all involved! Many members contributed in many ways, but kudos to Audrey for keeping this tradition alive!"

Ordering was easy, and the selection and prices were amazing. So much better than visiting the now-overcrowded (and to me, a little anxiety-producing, to say the least) big box stores. Pickup was staggered, with orders organized alphabetically by customer last name. However the sale is operated next year, I will be sure to participate. As for Lengbeyer, she stated, "We were so gratified to see so many happy neighbors smiling with anticipation as they picked up their boxes of plants.  Truly, there is no greater act of hope than planting seedlings, watching them grow, and anticipating the harvest to come.  Take that, COVID!"

The plants arrive, from four different growers, five potting parties, and members' gardens.

Teams packing boxes.....

Safe customer pickup!