Cottage Industry Spotlight: Body Scrubs and More By Gillian 

Shop Local. It is more important now than ever. I will be highlighting small local businesses that I have patronized in the hopes of spreading the word about their products, mission, and vision.

Arnold resident Gillian Bradtmueller started her "side hustle" in 2012. She loves all-natural beauty products, especially those with a coconut oil base. She developed a line of body scrubs and butters, which she sold to friends. She would create more from time to time for a "select group" of customers. While home during the pandemic, she decided to relaunch her business with new products and marketing.

I purchased two of the body scrubs: Eucalyptus Mint and Ocean Breeze. I am usually drawn to lighter, non-flowery scents, and these fit the bill. If you haven't used body scrubs before just be aware, as the package states, they can make your shower floor a little slippery. The scrubs are exfoliating and moisturizing, and I especially love the Eucalyptus Mint as a morning wake up!

I also received some of the liquid hand scrub, and it is doing a great job on my gross, non-pedicured feet, keeping them from completely cracking until the wonderful day when nail salons are open and I will feel comfortable enough to patronize one. My favorite product is the body butter. If you have sensitive skin and tend to be allergic to lotions, etc., this product is gold. I usually use plain coconut oil as a body moisturizer, which, while it works, is kind of clumpy and definitely does not have a "luxurious" feel. Gillian's body butter is smooth and luxurious, and well, buttery. It is also unscented, which is a plus for me so it doesn't clash with perfume, etc. Here is the link to her website, here is the link to her Facebook Page. There are other products available, such as shower melts, toothpaste, and she wants people to know that she will soon be adding"nasal inhalers to my available products. I'll be starting with Headache / Sinus Relief. "  While she uses essential oils for her fragrances, she also has "unscented body scrub for those that are smell sensitive. As a chronic headache and migraine sufferer I completely understand." Shipping is anywhere in the US for $8.50; however I arranged a local, convenient pickup

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