Monday, May 4, 2020

Business Spotlight: Kate Slayton Lettering

Kate and Laurie Lester 
I first met Kate Slayton in June of 2018. Kate was a Broadneck High School graduate, and her mom, Laurie Lester, was and still is an integral part of the BHS community; working as a media aide in the school library, and always lending a warm smile and a helping hand to our students. Laurie is also a talented artist and crafter;  she and Rob Lester’s Cape St. Claire home is full of the colors, textures and beauty of the beach much of it created by Laurie.

When I sat down with Laurie and Kate to write this article, I learned that Kate had found a love of lettering through making the dozens of 

oyster-shell place holders for her wedding guests. Since then, a lot has changed. Kate and her husband Kevin, have since purchased a house in Arnold, and until COVID-19; Kate continued her full time job as an administrative coordinator. She  has spent the time since then working on her business, as well as volunteering her efforts to brighten up the days of first responders and others. 

Reusable cards donated to hospital workers with bowls courtesy of Pure Vida Bowls and Java

To learn more about Kate Slayton Lettering, click on this link.

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