Friday, May 8, 2020

Guest Blogger: Rowan Joseph

28277298_2129375117076036_4431168348772961298_n.jpgRowan was one of my students at BHS...she is an extremely talented musician, singer, songwriter, and now actress! She is posting from LA, where she is continuing her career in music and acting! Here is a link to her Spotify Playlist .... including her newest song...."I Dare You"


Hi everybody! My name is Rowan Joseph and I'm a Broadneck High School 2016 graduate. Since graduating high school i've had a pretty crazy journey! I am so touched and excited to give the people I adore and cherish back home a look into a bit of my life since leaving my hometown. 

Shortly after high school I moved to sunny Orlando, Florida where I started my journey. I chose an accelerated program in the arts down at a small florida university (Full Sail) and graduated with my bachelors in Music Business in 2018. While I was in Florida I was so blessed to advance my music career, play shows all around the area, build my charisma and experience, meet some truly inspiring people and really grow in to the artist I wanted to be. I loved every second of my college experience and to be honest I had kind of made a name for myself down there in Florida by the time I was about to graduate. As much as I loved the people I had met, and the venues I was playing, I knew what my next step was going to be. I dreamt my whole life of moving to Los Angeles and writing songs. 

I knew starting over in a new place was going to be difficult, and I was right. Starting over from the beginning in such a big city really did test me at times but all the while I had stars in my eyes and felt like I had accomplished a lifelong goal simply by just making it out here with a dream. This June will be my 2 year mark living out in LA, and its true what they say "time flies when you're having fun". Sometimes I think LA gets a bad reputation but I really don't see it that way. The people I have met out here have been nothing but gracious, respectful and have welcomed me into the world of music as such a small artist. Im still working every day and have a long way to go but every day is a new adventure. I've been lucky enough to find myself in writing rooms with songwriters I've looked up to for years, studios i've watched my favorite artists record in, and so much more. For many months out here my friends really pushed me to get into acting and I finally gave in and I'm so happy I did because although I love music, I also love working with directors and being on set. It's pretty magical. 

Through all this, I still love to stay connected to my roots and my hometown. High school is an interesting time. I definitely had my ups and downs through it all but it did a good job of shaping me into the person I am today. I still love coming home and spending time with my friends and family, getting crabs at Cantlers, going out on the boat and drinking Natty Boh. I don't think i'll ever lose the Maryland girl inside me. So I send my love to the 410, I hope you are all being safe and healthy in these tough times and making sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them. I'll see you soon ....Rowan



Update: Free Templates from Kate Slayton Lettering!

An update from Kate Slayton Lettering: pm Kate at her FB page to receive free downloadable templates for high school seniors, prom, and "change the date" for engaged couples.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Business Spotlight: Kate Slayton Lettering

Kate and Laurie Lester 
I first met Kate Slayton in June of 2018. Kate was a Broadneck High School graduate, and her mom, Laurie Lester, was and still is an integral part of the BHS community; working as a media aide in the school library, and always lending a warm smile and a helping hand to our students. Laurie is also a talented artist and crafter;  she and Rob Lester’s Cape St. Claire home is full of the colors, textures and beauty of the beach much of it created by Laurie.

When I sat down with Laurie and Kate to write this article, I learned that Kate had found a love of lettering through making the dozens of 

oyster-shell place holders for her wedding guests. Since then, a lot has changed. Kate and her husband Kevin, have since purchased a house in Arnold, and until COVID-19; Kate continued her full time job as an administrative coordinator. She  has spent the time since then working on her business, as well as volunteering her efforts to brighten up the days of first responders and others. 

Reusable cards donated to hospital workers with bowls courtesy of Pure Vida Bowls and Java

To learn more about Kate Slayton Lettering, click on this link.

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Guest Blogger: Rowan Joseph

Rowan was one of my students at BHS...she is an extremely talented musician, singer, songwriter, and now actress! She is posting from LA, wh...